There are times where you simply need the hardest bat available.  No glamour.  No bling.  Just performance.  Welcome the RUGGED SERIES.

Featured : 
·  a matte charcoal finish
·  models ML-271
·  exceptional-quality lumber
·  choice of logo color
·  no other customization
·  team name engraving on bat packs only



Offering jaw-dropping aesthetics and incredible performance, the PRO LIMITED SERIES is designed for the committed player who is ready to take his game to the next level.

Featured : 
·  an advanced formula - high strength, high gloss post-catalyzed two-part topcoat providing
·  exclusive PRO LIMITED colors
·  unique CHROME GOLD and CHROME SILVER logos
·  exceptional quality lumber
·  full customization (model, length, weight, colors, engraving, logo)